Permanent makeup

Permanente make-up

With permanent makeup, a unique pigmentation method, you can create eyebrows that are indistinguishable from real ones, make existing eyebrows fuller, and accentuate your eyes. Permanent makeup provides a natural radiance. Even without additional makeup, the face looks beautiful and well-groomed under all circumstances.

Permanent make-up is thesolution for everyone who:

  • has difficulty applying make-up
  • wears contact lenses
  • has suffered hair loss
  • does not have full eyebrows
  • wants to look their best at all times
  • does a lot of sports, or spends time in the pool and sauna

Which method does Fiji Beauty Experts use?
We work with the hairstroke technique, in which a special thin needle is used. The needle is so thin that the pigment that is applied to the skin looks like a real hair. With this technique you make tiny stripes, as it were, in the eyebrow, after which the pigment remains in the skin. It is the most modern technique and the little hairs that are created are almost impossible to distinguish from real ones. A different needle is used for the upper and lower eyelids because this should be a nice clean line. fiji Beauty Experts is expert in both techniques.

What happens during a treatment?
The eyebrow treatment is completely tailored to the shape of the face. This way a natural interpretation of the eyebrows is determined. After they are sketched in and we have your approval, the pigmentation begins. The treatment takes approximately an hour for the eyebrows and 1.5 hours for the upper and lower eyelids.

When will I see results from this treatment?
Immediately after the treatment you will see a result that is much darker than the final result will be. Some scabs may form in the time after the treatment, so it is important to keep the location well oiled. After approximately 3 weeks you will see the final result. Most people want a second treatment to touch up a few minor points. fiji Beauty Experts has an attractive price for this.

What does the treatment cost?

Our current rates for permanent makeup:Prices are per treatment
Eyebrows hairstroke technique, 1 treatment€ 195,-
2 treatments: € 375.-
Eyeliner top, 1 treatment€ 195,-
Eyeliner bottom, 1 treatment € 195,-
Eyeliner top and bottom, 1 treatment € 295,-
Eyebrows including 1 follow-up treatment€ 350,- for 2 treatments
Eyeliner top and bottom including 1 follow-up treatment€ 375,- for 2 treatments

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