Microneedling, also known as Dermapen treatment, is a modern anti-aging method that achieves beautiful results. Treatment with the Dermapen is an excellent treatment for skin that needs some extra attention. It is suitable for uneven skin, large pores and acne scars.

What effect does microneedling have on the skin?
Ultrathin needles make painless, invisible, micro perforations in the skin. Due to the multiple small needles and the speed, thousands of tiny holes are made in the skin with extreme precision. The skin immediately goes to work repairing these holes by producing collagen, which makes the skin tighten and visibly smoother. In addition to activating the natural repair mechanism of the skin, active ingredients are applied directly into the skin, precisely into the cell layers where they will function most efficiently.

What is Dermapen best suited to treat?
This treatment is extremely suitable for sagging, tired skin and skin with wrinkles and/or acne scars. But it’s also ideal for treating other types of scars, sun damage, pigment disorders, coarse skin or large pores.

How soon will you see results after this treatment?
The skin will already look fresher after just one treatment. However, it is recommended that you follow this treatment for a course of four to six sessions, with two to three weeks between each treatment.

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