At fiji Beauty Experts you are also at the right address for a wonderful, relaxing massage. Our beauty experts have been extensively trained for this. You can feel a lot of tension flowing away in 60 minutes. Getting massaged on a regular basis is fantastic for your health. Waste that gets left behind in your tissues can be carried away, the immune system is stimulated and soothing hormones such as endorphins and oxytocin are produced, which will make you feel much better after the massage. And if you feel better, you will also look better. Real beauty comes from inside.
fiji Beauty Experts is specialized in back, shoulder and neck massages, ideal for cramping in the neck and shoulders. Relaxation massages, pregnancy massages and trigger point massages are all popular options. More and more men are also finding their way to our clinic for massages.
In addition to body massages with our hands, we also work with LPG EndermologieAside from being relaxing, it also works on the firmness and tightness of your skin, ideal for improving and tightening the contours of your back, hips, thighs and buttocks.
Treat yourself or make someone else happy with a massage gift card.